Have you ever had an accident affecting your eyebrows?

Answer I lost the middle one at the age of 13

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Stupidest DIY accident or construction accident you have ever made ?

The stupidest thing I've ever seen was when I was working as a carpenter on a Commercial Project for a GC.We were building a strip mall and all he did was, push, push and push the men. He had broug... Read More »

Have you ever had an accident at work?

Oh Heather-hope your ok-can just imagine it-your poor work mate also

Have you ever had a really stupid accident that you could have avoided by using a little common sense?

As a habit I automatically lock the front door when ever I leave the house. Well I had a brain laps and locked the bathroom door when I was done doing my business. I had to take the door knob apart... Read More »

Have you ever been in a really bad accident?

There have been SO MANY accidents in my life I sometimes wonder 'why' I'm still here...and most of the accidents were extreme and potentially fatal. Many of my relatives say it is only because God... Read More »