Have you ever had an Urinary Tract Infection?

Answer Yes. Go to a doctor and get checked out. The only thing they will make you do is pee in a cup. I had one and the doctor told me it was a good thing I came and got checked out before it got worse. D... Read More »

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Can you have sex during a urinary tract infection?

On One Hand: Sex Is Possible During A Urinary Tract InfectionThere is no medical evidence to suggest that a woman with a urinary tract infection (UTI) cannot engage in sexual intercourse during tre... Read More »

If i have a Urinary Tract Infection how many times in a day should i take anibiotics?

Does bacterial growth have to appear to diagnose a urinary tract infection?

On One Hand: Symptoms of a UTI are Often Obvious.Symptoms of a urinary tract infection include painful and frequent urination, an unrelenting urge to urinate, blood in the urine and lower back pain... Read More »

Is it likely that you are pregnant if you have a urinary tract infection and are late for your period?

Answer Yes, especially if you are on antibiotics and are on the birth control pill and didn't use a back up. Antibiotics can make the pill not work. Take a home test or go see your doctor to find... Read More »