Have you ever had abnormal cells after a pap?

Answer Well It could mean different things. If you had sex before you pap that could cause an abnormal pap or something wrong could be down there. I had an abnormal pap and it terrified me. Mine was HPV. ... Read More »

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During my colposcopy, the doctor took biopsies of Abnormal Cells/Displasia... do I have cancer?

I've had several colposcopies done, three biopsies, and a LEEP to remove my dysplasia (bad cells) last week. If you have tiny lesions and the doctor said that, you won't be dealing with cancer (dys... Read More »

Why Have you got Red blood cells and Puss cells have you caught somthing?

Is is abnormal to get your first period after age 13 (Girls Only)?

It is totally normal. Recently women have been starting their menstural cycle earlier in life, but it is normal to start it up to about 15.

How do I make multiple cells have same value, so if ANY of the cells change then the others would change too?

This can not practically be done using a formula within the cells. Because a cell reference for ANY cells that would change to set all of them would be too long of a formula using something like t... Read More »