Have you ever had a webcam experience?

Answer actually there have actually been several reported cases of this happening. for example in 1993, there was a case in which webcams were not fully developed yet. apparently the webcam read the "ju... Read More »

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Ever have a bad experience riding Amtrak?

Yes, it took 8hrs. to travel from dearborn, MI. to Chicago, IL. I could have driven by car in about 4 hrs. But over all it was the cheapest way to travel. I have not riden on Amtrak since.

Have you ever been traumatized by a baby PIB experience?

Not since he was a newborn, thank goodness. The last time he PIBed was a doozie too, I bath with him, so I was naked with him on my chest. He pooped all down my front side and it even got in my hai... Read More »

Do you ever give advice on subjects in which you have no experience?

No,, I leave that to the "experts"...lolalways,Ladyitch

Have you ever attended a rainbow gathering What was your experience like?

The most loving, beautiful people you'll ever meet. Just *total* acceptance. Everybody pitches in and works together to do what needs to be done. Have you read up about it online? This would be ... Read More »