Have you ever had a problem with your mouse?

Answer To clean the small rollers on a normal mouse that has the small rubber ball in it, do these steps. You will need a sturdy fingernail or cotton-swab or a few toothpicks or a single tooth from a pla... Read More »

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My pc mouse arrow won't go where I want it to. is the problem likely to be with the mouse or the pc?

Turn the mouse around? Seriously, are you using a mouse with a rubber ball in it? If so it needs cleaning...clean the ball and the rollers or better yet trash it and buy an optical mouse, they are ... Read More »

Vista problem. I'm having a problem with the mouse not working?

I had the same problem and it came down to restore. I didn't want to do it but I did. It was a screen program that I down loaded and it shut my mouse down.

Have you ever found that doctors DON'T have the answer to your problem?

We don't live in a perfect world and we don't have perfect medical understanding of our own bodies.That's the reality for you!

There's a fly on my screen. Be honest, have you ever tried to chase one away using your mouse?

Yeah, hasn't everyone!? sometimes it even works, well in my mind it does. Ive been sat at a computer at school and tried to do something on someone Else's screen with my mouse so yeah don't use me ... Read More »