Have you ever had a famous person as your "Facebook Friend of the Day"?

Answer How do you get a Facebook friend of the day. I keep watchin' channel 8 news to see if I'm ever their Facebook friend of the day, but it's never me. I feel so unloved.

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Do you have a famous person as a "friend" on facebook, WHO IS IT?

Sweet Judy ALL my friends on FACE are famous to me .In my heart ... Are you on FACE ? *smiles * D :)

When a friend suggested some person to me on Facebook?

Yes B will know, because B will get a notification asking to add you as a friend.

If I block someone on Facebook and we have a mutual friend. Can the blocked person see photos, comments, etc?

Anybody That you Block Will Not Be Able to See your photos or Comments But Anybody Who is Not Blocked Will be Able to See it

In Facebook my friends accepted my friend requests but they are not on my friend list?

On your Facebook Profile page click and go on "Friends"Here all your friends will be listed.You can add or manage them into your friends list like: close friends, acquaintances, family etc.