Have you ever had Rice Balls?

Answer I hate to tell you this, but your balls are vomiting.I dont think I ever said that before!!

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Where can I buy sticky rice for rice balls?

If you are simply looking for short grain Japanese rice, look out for 'sushi rice'. Although sushi rice is just standard Japanese short grain rice with added rice vinegar, many companies advertise ... Read More »

Have you ever had to rely on an idiot to do your first aid job who proceeded to balls it up?

Well yes actually I do...Everyday I have to remember to take my Valtrex and apply the anti itch creame

How can I make rice balls?

first you must make sticky rice. Use short-grained sushi rice and cook according to the directions. I like to add about 1/4 cup more water per cup of rice to make it stickier. Place a couple tables... Read More »

How to Make Burmese Sticky Rice Balls?

Finished sticky rice balls.A "sticky" glutinous rice ball is the most famous dessert in Myanmar (also known as Burma), especially during the new year season. This treat is very sweet and tasty, and... Read More »