Have you ever had Buk's Beans Are they good Where can I buy them?

Answer As long as a Bubble Bath is part of the package, THE BEANS ARE FREE, BABY!!!

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Are Dell computers any good They seem to have some good offers on but not sure about them?

We use a healthy blend of Dell computers for Windows users here at work, and Macs for the design people.They seem to have a 3% lemon rate, where sometimes you just get crap parts and have to eventu... Read More »

Have you ever heard of a company doing a Driving History on shift managers, and firing them if they don't pas?

well i just found out two days ago, and yes they will lose there job, and since I am the district manager possibly mine

Have any-ones eyes ever fallen out through keeping them open while sneezing If so how far did they travel?

I planted some navy beans and they are now in the green bean stage.are they good to eat at this time?

It's fine to eat them at the green bean stage. I like them. Eat one and see if you like it.