Have you ever gotten into an argument with an idiot on youtube?

Answer Not on You-tube :P Here though! A couple bad ones! :)

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THIS IS AN IDIOT ALERT...I REPEAT....THIS IS AN IDIOT ALERT....Where on my computer is the multiplication sign?

multiply = * above the 9 key on the number pad on a UK keyboard.division = / above the 8 key on the number pad on a UK keyboard.your not an idiot if you don't know these things you don't know them.... Read More »

Ok so im an idiot...?

Yes your prescription glasses will be wrong. It's her fault. She's an opthamologist correct? I'm sure this sort a thing happens all the time. She should have asked you if you had contacts in. Her w... Read More »

I am a big idiot and I need help.?

Do not leave the phone on a radiator, or stick it in the microwave, or dry it with a hair dryer. You could potentially damage the device permanently (despite the success others have had). Turn the ... Read More »

Can I do this or am I an idiot?

This recipe serves 4: so adjust accordingly...OREO MILKSHAKE * 12 Oreo cookies * 1 1/2 cups milk * 2 cups vanilla ice cream, softened * 2 tablespoons chocolate syrupDirections Ch... Read More »