Have you ever gotten an erection from how fast your download speeds are?

Answer Well that's not very fair. I get an erection from everything, especially sharpening my pencils.

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How many of you guys have ever gotten an erection during a medical physical exam?

The first time I had a checkup for my prostate, not only did I get a hard-on, when the doctor put his finger up my a ss and massaged my prostate, it was such a shock that I pissed all over the wall... Read More »

Have you ever gotten really good advice from your kids?

I was with my 7 year old and we were walking home from my moms and we passed some pretty flowers and Madison asked if we could stop and smell them. I said "We're in a hurry honey, we'll come back ... Read More »

How to Get Fast Download Speeds?

If you are downloading files from the Internet and your transfers are not going as fast as you'd like, consider using one an "accelerator" program that will speed up your downloads. Some of these p... Read More »

Have you ever taken the advice you've gotten from here?

Pass time..I have used advice from here...cant really think of what.I have just taken in a lot of info from being here...I have taken in alot of life experience advice from people and that is more ... Read More »