Have you ever got it stuck ...?

Answer ....erm..... *confused*..... lol

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Have you ever got stuck in a lift?

You think you had it bad?Funny story, a few years back, at Christmas, I was in this building that got over-run by terrorists and I got stuck in a lift and had to climb up the shaft wearing only my... Read More »

Have you ever got anything stuck in any of your orifices?

My son got a coat hanger stuck in his back passage, I had to take him to the hospital to have it removed. I overheard a nurse say "maybe we can hang him in the cupboard". How we laughed.They told... Read More »

Have you ever stuck a can of beer or soda up a chickens butt and cooked it?

The answer is's the very best, tastiest, moistest, most incredible flavored chicken you'll ever taste. Although the person that thought of this idea was clearly a little twisted, they d... Read More »

Ok this may be weird but have you guys ever get stuck at looking at something?

yeah and its like. you dont want to stop looking at it. and it annoys the crap out of me when someone waves there hand in front of my face when i do that and theyre like "wake up! stop staring into... Read More »