Have you ever got hurt...?

Answer I get hurt all the time im super clumsy... your ankle will feel better in a few days put ice on it

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Have you ever been hurt on a motorcycle if so how bad?

Numerous times, I've been riding a long time and used to race MX, desert and production class G.P.. No track crashes could equal the one I suffered on a street close to home when I was hit head on... Read More »

Have you EVER missed someone so bad it HURT?

omg,, im crying as i read this, i can feel what your feeling, and its hurting me too now!!!!,,, when mine goes camp ill probably have a nervous breakdown, i dont think ill b able to cope aswellim ... Read More »

Have you ever been taken up the ramparts ..and did it hurt ..!!?

I was once, and yes it did.....even with cucumber and aloe vera moisturiser

Have you ever had to eat something you didn't like b/c u didn't want to hurt the feelings of the one u where->?

I moved in back in July 21st as a live in housekeeper my own basement apartment the works all i do is clean and i'm cared for now family very nice job very easy well i was picked up from the guy in... Read More »