Have you ever got anything stuck in any of your orifices?

Answer My son got a coat hanger stuck in his back passage, I had to take him to the hospital to have it removed. I overheard a nurse say "maybe we can hang him in the cupboard". How we laughed.They told... Read More »

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Have you ever changed your pad or tampon in your car cause your stuck in traffic?

cant say that i have.....kinda gross

Have you ever gotten your tongue stuck to frozen metal and it was really numb after?

No, but I got stuck to an ice-pop when I was younger, and it ripped bits off my tongue...not my finest moment.

Have your children ever said anything that seemed racist?

You will enjoy reading this, I think:[summary, sort of: if you put her in a blue sweater and she had some friends with blue sweaters and some with red, she ... Read More »

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