Have you ever got an injury doing something daft?

Answer i fell down a ravine when i was 12 becuase me and my friend thought we could be sylevester stallone from cliffhanger trying to jump gaps i fell about 30 feet and hit trees on the way down and fract... Read More »

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Have you ever been injured doing something stupid?

went to kick a pebble, missed and broke my foot, in plaster for 6 weeks and to make matters worst, I ahdn't had a drink for a week....

How to Fake an Injury to Get out of Doing Something?

Have you ever wished that you can just sit out for a while in gym class because you don't feel good or you don't want to run that day? Well here is how to get out of doing things like that!

I think iv gone and done something daft?

Sorry to say, but I also think that was a daft thing to do.

What is the worst injury you have ever had?

Highly comminuted bilateral os-calces fractures, caused by a 12 foot fall after being hit by a crane jib.