Have you ever google you name Did anything come up about you?

Answer i don't know what kind of info showed up but try this site and see if it helps.i found another person with my same name first and last,that was kind of freaky cause she had alot of things on there ... Read More »

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Have You Ever "Googled" an Ex's Name, Just To See If Anything Came Up?

i did while i was clearing the junk out of my msn contacts list.i couldn't remember who an email address belonged to so i googled it and discovered a picture of an ex (from about 7+ years ago) who ... Read More »

Have you ever typed your name into Google?

yes, another game is to write 'your name and the wants' eg Susi wants men in kilts Becky wants to knock her school down James wants $50m Max wants Pete to start liking him

Have you ever google searched your own name and found yourself on the net?

Apparently I am Breast stroke swimmer of the year 2006!!!LOL X

Have you ever typed your name in google if so what did you find?

When I put my Full name in, I find that someone shares my name and he was a delegate, a United States Representative, and a U.S. Senator from Montana. He was born on October 30th 1584 and died on S... Read More »