Have you ever given a toddler a teaspoon of English mustard?

Answer Never English mustard... but I always would trick my nephews into eating wasabi or tabasco... ahh I'm such a cruel aunt.A few years ago, I was babysitting my nephews and eating carrots with bleu ch... Read More »

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How much prepared mustard is equivalent to a teaspoon of dry mustard?

A tablespoon of prepared mustard can be used as a substitute for a teaspoon of dry mustard; this is equivalent to three times as much prepared mustard as dry mustard. If the amount of liquid is imp... Read More »

How many of you have ever given blood?

Have you ever given someone a Hickey?

No, but I remember the school's 'bad girls' coming in to classes with scarves tied round their necks trying to hide hickeys. Of course younger people like y'all wouldn't remember that at all. ;)

Moms, have you ever given your baby a hug?

Sometimes when i carry my daugher I have the urge to just squeeze her leg chub its just so squishy and cute. And i do give her big hugs. Its so cute cause now she hugs back. she puts her arms aroun... Read More »