Ever felt some thing reach into your heart wiggled it around ...?

Answer No luckily it hasn't happened to me, and sorry that it happened to you bro.I'll throw in some recs for you.Tech N9NE: Welcome To StrangelandAnimals as Leaders- WeightlessDie En Grey- Dum Spiro Sper... Read More »

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How many times would you have to travel around the sun to reach a lightyear?

It would depend on how far your orbit was from the sun. However, assuming you are orbiting at the same distance as the earth, the answer is approximately 10,000 orbits. A light-year, the distance l... Read More »

Have you ever given someone a Hickey?

No, but I remember the school's 'bad girls' coming in to classes with scarves tied round their necks trying to hide hickeys. Of course younger people like y'all wouldn't remember that at all. ;)

How many of you have ever given blood?

Moms, have you ever given your baby a hug?

Sometimes when i carry my daugher I have the urge to just squeeze her leg chub its just so squishy and cute. And i do give her big hugs. Its so cute cause now she hugs back. she puts her arms aroun... Read More »