Have you ever found that doctors DON'T have the answer to your problem?

Answer We don't live in a perfect world and we don't have perfect medical understanding of our own bodies.That's the reality for you!

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Why do idiots answer questions they clearly dont know the answer too.?

They do it for the points, I think. Which is silly, as you point out, since they are meaningless. And there really are people here or are ignorant (and maybe even stupid) who don't know the rules o... Read More »

Serious answers only please,Dont say-go to Doctors-?

Put on compression stockings and lay down with your legs elevated. Take a lasix if you have one. Wiggle your ankles once and a while. Go to minimal fluids, 4 cups per day / no sodium. Lasix works... Read More »

Why Dont Doctors Reccommend Herbalife?

I never heard about herbalife but for you it did a miracle Why doctor do not recommend it ? For doctors ; all medication had to be approve by long study in laboratory

Why Dont DOCTORS understand that FUNGUS causes CANCER?

Because it doesn't.This fungus nonsense is completely implausible.To the other sceptics: Did any of you ever watch Dr. Simoncini's "cancer is fungus" video?Here check it out:- Read More »