Have you ever farted while pooping and got it all over the place?

Answer You might want to adjust your diet my friend

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Does washing ur butt hole after pooping affect ur pooping later?

No, not at all. What is affecting your pooping later isn't related to the fact that you wash ur butt hole. It is in fact the most sanitary method of cleaning ur butt hole.

I just farted help!!?

Oh no! Your life is escaping! Quick! Use this! *hands you jar* Capture it!

Is it possible to get pink eye if u get farted on?

Farts have bacteria in them. Bacteria cause some types of pink eye. It is possible there is some connection. People who go to strip clubs where strippers fart in their faces generally engage in oth... Read More »

I farted and a pea rolled out...?

for what? just wipe, and change your underwear