Have you ever farted on purpose in school?

Answer hahahahahaha lol i sometimes fart after lunch because of the milk and ice cream

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Have you ever farted while pooping and got it all over the place?

You might want to adjust your diet my friend

Have you ever stumped your toe, scraped your knee and farted at the same time?

I don't believe I have, but you sure have some strange questions today, makes me wonder about you.

How many of you have farted in a classroom, and had gotten embarrassed?

kinda related-- i had a spanish teacher (who looked like Yoda) and she farted during a test one time (one of the only tests i studied for- i knew the answers)and i was the first to bust out laughin... Read More »

I farted and a pea rolled out...?

for what? just wipe, and change your underwear