Have y'all ever fallen asleep or almost fallen asleep while watching your young children?

Answer Wow, quite frequently! I feel so horrible when I do it. It's just complete and utter exhaustion!

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I have fallen in love with a girl on youtube?

We've all done that! Easy to do with so many beautiful, intelligent, talented girls on there.You can do no more than let her know how you feel and hope that she responds.At 17 it's a problem that y... Read More »

What band have you recently fallen in love with?

Ludoanswer mine?;_ylt=AhqVhztzCUfUP2vGA8A1Ednsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080721231041AA0Xbiz

How many of you have ever fallen down when you got dizzy?

I was very close to falling when i was anemic and i was on the stairs too, that would of been a bumpy ride

Have you ever fallen asleep in one position and woke up in a totally different one?

Yeah lol. One time I fell asleep in my room and woke up in the bed in our spare bedroom. But the weird thing was I had put new sheets on the bed O.oAnd another time I think I fell asleep or someth... Read More »