Have you ever fainted in public before?

Answer Yes, I was walking along the edge of the crowded platform of a London Underground station and knew the train was coming, but didn't know how close it was. It grazed my arm so hard and fast I was wo... Read More »

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Have you ever fainted or been knocked out cold before?

BothWhen I was in my teens, I used to pass out all the time. Its to do with the blood pressure in my head. Don't know the full technicality of it... but it wasnt nice... you would be doing somethin... Read More »

Has anyone ever fainted in school?

My friend fainted in assembly at school one day. In that school, we were all standing huddled together like penguins, it must have been too warm for her.She suddenly collapsed into a sitting positi... Read More »

Does a fainted person breath while he remains in the fainted state?

Yes, because if they stop breathing, then it's respiratory and soon to be cardiac arrest, not fainting.

Should the FDA have to approve medications before they are offered to the public?

The FDA right now is the only thing that we have to try insure the safety and some evidence that is works. Even with the rigorous testing of new drugs issues will only come up after wide spread us... Read More »