Have you ever fainted in public before?

Answer Yes, I was walking along the edge of the crowded platform of a London Underground station and knew the train was coming, but didn't know how close it was. It grazed my arm so hard and fast I was wo... Read More »

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Does a fainted person breath while he remains in the fainted state?

Yes, because if they stop breathing, then it's respiratory and soon to be cardiac arrest, not fainting.

I Think I Fainted. HELP!!?

You may have had a dizzy spell. You know that feeling when you get up too fast and everything starts spinning? It was likely that.Hope all is well

I think I fainted What should I do?

You have to go to the Doctors. Doctors strongly advise you to visit them after fainting in case there's any serious issue to why you fainted.If you're 16 or over you don't need your parents to go t... Read More »

How to tell if someone has actually fainted or is just pretending?

easyest way is to hold there hand high above their face and let go if they faked it they will not let their hand hit their face