Have you ever edited anything on Wikipedia?

Answer Yes. I once put on Steve Harmless's page that he was giving up cricket to become an ambassador for Mothercare.And a good friend of mine edited Ian Ronald Bell's page, putting down that he was born ... Read More »

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Have you ever edited Wikipedia?

I've made about 20,000 edits, some substantial work on articles, some minor corrections, and many that relate to administration of Wikipedia.

Can you get arrested for clicking on "edit" on Wikipedia even though you have not edited anything?

No, you can't. However, if you go and "vandalize" a page they'll use the history to edit it back to what it originally was. If you do it a lot, then they might ban your IP (but you'd have to REAL... Read More »

Have You Ever Written Or Edited An Article On Wikipedia?

I have written articles but it's tough work referencing everything all the time as they discourage 'original research'.I do use Wikipedia as a source from time to time but you have to take it with ... Read More »

Have you ever edited or wrote an article on wikipedia?

Yeah, I edited the Paris Hilton page after some ignorant person vandalised it. Sure, she's a pain in the *** 4 some ppl, but don;t deface Wikipedia articles ppl!!!