Have you ever eaten pizza with knife and fork Why?

Answer I don't believe I ever have.

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How to Use a Fork and Knife Properly?

It's easy to look like a primitive hunter as you hack away at your food with knife and fork. But at dinner parties, at a restaurant or in formal occasions you'll want to use these utensils in the c... Read More »

Who invented the fork, spoon&knife?

No single person was responsible for inventing the fork, spoon and knife. Primitive people first made knives from bones and stones, and Egyptians refined them later using gold, bronze and ivory. Kn... Read More »

How to Play the Knife and Fork Chocolate Game?

This is a fabulous game suitable for parties and sleepovers. The best thing is that it gives everyone present a great excuse to eat chocolate while having fun at the same time!

When you eat Chinese or other Asian food do you use chopsticks or a knife and fork?

I use the chopsticks to play air-drummer and eat my food with that little plastic spork. I'm not ashamed. I am a great drummer and a pretty good sporker.