Have you ever eaten pizza with knife and fork Why?

Answer I don't believe I ever have.

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What was the most slices of Pizza you have ever eaten in one sitting?

Have you ever been stabbed with a knife?

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and would you ever eat it again?

I can't top poster #1 for weirdest food. Balut is on my very short list of foods that I just can't bring myself to try (btw, it's a fertilized duck egg - when you crack it open, instead of yolk, t... Read More »

Have you ever eaten veggie delight rolls from subwayAnd did you check what the assistant was doing with the?

I totally understand where you are coming from!When i was veggie i was constantly asking for cafe workers to change gloves and all that.I'm vegan now so i find it is even harder, M&S do a few vegan... Read More »