Have you ever eaten at "Charlie's Steakhouse" in New Orleans?

Answer I'm from New Orleans,Charlie's Is the best steakhouse hands down. I have been going to Charlie's for the past 30 years

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What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten and would you ever eat it again?

I can't top poster #1 for weirdest food. Balut is on my very short list of foods that I just can't bring myself to try (btw, it's a fertilized duck egg - when you crack it open, instead of yolk, t... Read More »

Has anyone eaten at Mancy's Steakhouse in Toledo, Ohio?

I regret I can't say that I have eaten there.

Have you ever been to an Outback Steakhouse and noticed how obese alot of those people are?

60% of the American populations are over-weight. 60% is more than half; in other words, the obese are the majority in the US. So, chances are, you will see obese people everywhere you go, not jus... Read More »

Have you ever eaten....?

tempura is a recipe where veggies or meat is fried with a special batter.Ingredients:[Koromo (batter)]Using cold water (about 40F) is a must. This keeps the batter from becoming sticky. When you ad... Read More »