Have you ever eaten at "Charlie's Steakhouse" in New Orleans?

Answer I'm from New Orleans,Charlie's Is the best steakhouse hands down. I have been going to Charlie's for the past 30 years

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Has anyone eaten at Mancy's Steakhouse in Toledo, Ohio?

I regret I can't say that I have eaten there.

Most people in America have only eaten pork, chicken, or beef. If you've eaten other meats, how do they taste?

I love eating turtle especially when its in a stew

What is charlies job in the tv show numb3rs?

Her name is Dr. Temperance Brennan(Seeley booth calls here bones) shes called brennan by every other person except booth her family calls her tempe and rarely she is callled Temperance.

What is charlies fiance name on two and a half men?