Have you ever eaten anything unusual like horse, what was it like?

Answer I've had alligator, kangaroo and Ostrich. They're all delicious. But you're very clearly into just plain freaky stuff.Explains why your picture's in widescreen.

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What is the most unusual food you have ever eaten?

I guess the two most unusual things I have ever eaten are octopus jerky and squirrel.I didn't really care for the squirrel--I had it BBQed on a skewer and it was too tough, but the octopus jerky wa... Read More »

Have you ever seen anything like this (not for the faint of heart)?

Nasty...Kind of looks like a mix between a lobster and a hand...LOL

· Have you ever eaten something that you thought you wouldn't like, but found out that you actually liked it?

Curry and sushi (vegan)... which i LOVE now =D

My son has liver cancer, yet he eats like a horse. Does anyone know anything about this?

I have a good friend who has liver cancer (he's 53). His appetite has not ever changed with his diagnosis and subsequent chemo treatments. He eats a normal diet and doesn't complain of nausea ever.... Read More »