Have you ever driven drunk?

Answer I was not drunk but I had been drinking and should not have been driving. I was stopped for speeding but he never tested me for alcohol so I was safe there. I made it home - no one was hurt. But... Read More »

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UK car drivers, have you ever driven on the roads of the USA?

Drove in NC and SC.I find it easier to drive properly in a manual but US cars seem to be all automatic.US drive on the wrong (yes wrong not right) side of the road so that takes a lot of getting us... Read More »

Have you ever driven just a half a block?

Yes...Motorcade, Security Detail, Press Caravan...everyday, several times.

What is the best and worst car you have ever driven?

Worst is a BMW 5 series and best is a Ford Fiesta

What is the fastest speed you have ever driven?

about speed on that bike was 165.