Have you ever drank alcohol before turning 21?

Answer Yes. I was about 9 or 10 years old and I was at grandma's house during a fourth of july party. Everybody was out in the front of the house, socializing and my cousin thought it would be funny to se... Read More »

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Have you ever drank alcohol for like everyday for a few weeks or months straight then quit?

Teens! Ever gotten drunk/drank alcohol ?

I'm 17 I got drunk yesterday :D It's fine as long as you know your limit, don't go over that or welcome to vomit land my friend.(I live in London so it's none of that age 21 crap either)

If i drank alcohol thursday and have an etg test monday would i pass?

Have you ever drank in a pub with a spitune still being used and sawdust on the floor. I have.?