Have you ever drank Wine from the bottle like it was a beer?

Answer not in over a decade and a half I haven't. that said, I never really like wine. while still a drinker, I was always more of a Canadian Club man...

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I drank a bottle of wine, am I drunk?

The entire bottle?A single glass of wine can easily put you over the legal limit. Wine is several times stronger then beer. How does going to jail in handcuffs and getting strip searched sound? Bec... Read More »

I just drank a beer from the bottle! ~ Does that make me sexy or what?

YOU MAKE ME PROUD! I will be your huckleberry!

I drank 4 bottle of wine last nite without getting drunk. Am I an alcoholic?

Everyone has a different limit on how much you can drink, maybe you can drink quite a lot. As long as you ate food as well, the alcohol would have been absorbed by the food - a very sensible thing ... Read More »

Im 12, what will happen if i drank a full bottle or white wine?

you'll probably just get sick and puke all overbut if you pass out and no one is around you might throw up and choke on your own vomit