Have you ever drank Coke or Pepsi from a glass bottle?

Answer yes and you are correct!

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Drank a whole one litre bottle of Pepsi...feeling dizzy?

You should feel dizzy..Drink one more large glass. you ll faint.its all about the carbonate content.. Not this drink.. any aerated artificial drink will do the same.Dont do this again and often. It... Read More »

I drank a two liter bottle of diet coke today is it safe?

don't forget to pee. you should be fine. and i wouldn't recommend making a habit of that much soda intake

Surfing the net drinking my bottle of coke begs the question coca cola or pepsi?

COKE!! all the way...i have a friend whos obssesed with coke, no exaggeration! She drinks 2 liters a day and has every possible coke thing there is!

What words are on the front of a glass coke bottle?

The other answer is WRONG!There is no "K" in Coca-Cola.It is either Coke or Coca-Cola.