Have you ever cooked a turkey using one of those oven bags?

Answer the turkey suffocated before the oven got hot

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Have you ever said "I'm NEVER, EVER going to buy those for my child"?

Shoes that light up when they walk. Who on earth decided to drive the rest of us mad by making a shoe so annoying? I also hate those roller skate shoes, my niece has them and every once and awhil... Read More »

Do you ever make a cup of tea from a teapot without using tea bags?

Well, I was quite disgusted with my much older sister who has given up the teapot and now uses t-bags. Hers was the one house where I knew I could get a decent cuppa. So, I went out and bought a t... Read More »

Have you ever cooked ham in coca cola?

that's actually an old southern recipe. i've never tried it but i heard it makes the ham taste sweet. plenty of recipes like this online, but here's one of them

Have you ever stuck a can of beer or soda up a chickens butt and cooked it?

The answer is's the very best, tastiest, moistest, most incredible flavored chicken you'll ever taste. Although the person that thought of this idea was clearly a little twisted, they d... Read More »