Have you ever cleaned the wax out of your ears with an ear candle?

Answer They do not really work. You stick the small end in your ear and light the other end. When it burns down there will be a sticky residue on the small end. They try to have you believe that it is ear... Read More »

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What does it mean if you had your period but nothing was ever on your pad but when you cleaned yourself there was pink?

Answer It could mean that you are having implantation bleeding which is supposed to be light if in fact you are pregnant. Answer It could be implantation bleeding or it could be spotting which can ... Read More »

If you swim have problems with your ears and are pregnant is it safe to use rubbing alcohol to help?

Answer If it is something on the outside like on the skin of your ears yes but on the inside no You might hurt your ears this wayYou are much better using some light oil (almond) on the inside.You... Read More »

If you have a hole in your tooth is it normal to have symptoms such as your jaw hurts and your ears head neck and tongue are swollen?

Answer Ni it is NOT normal, pain and swelling are NEVER normal. It is probably caused by an infection getting in through the hole in your tooth. If you don't get it treated by a dentist IMMEDIATE... Read More »

Spectacle wearers: Do you ever get tension on the side of your ears...?

the angle of the sides needs to be widened, its called increasing the angle of letback, can be done on most frames except chunky plastic ones (can be done but the sides need to be can lo... Read More »