Have you ever changed your pad or tampon in your car cause your stuck in traffic?

Answer cant say that i have.....kinda gross

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Have you ever got anything stuck in any of your orifices?

My son got a coat hanger stuck in his back passage, I had to take him to the hospital to have it removed. I overheard a nurse say "maybe we can hang him in the cupboard". How we laughed.They told... Read More »

Can getting hairs stuck in your teeth cause long term damage to your teeth?

I'm sure! That's why the whole world should shave.

Have you ever gotten your tongue stuck to frozen metal and it was really numb after?

No, but I got stuck to an ice-pop when I was younger, and it ripped bits off my tongue...not my finest moment.

We have received your tax return and it is being processed. Your expected refund date has been changed due to?

If you took 2 minutes to poke through any of the other questions in this forum, you'd notice that over 80% of the questions this year are related to delays in refunds.The IRS has introduced new ant... Read More »