Have you ever burned yourself with hot water?

Answer Yes but not as badly as a friend of mine did. She dropped the kettle and scarred her legs poor thing.

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Can you get burned or tan in water?

the reflection off the water helps in there.

I Burned my hand ! With Hot water!?

From what you have described, it sounds as if you are past the bad part. The hand is going to hurt for a while - you did enough trauma to the skin to cause severe blistering. Pulling off the dead... Read More »

How to Get Burned Water Marks off a Stove?

Water can often boil over the sides of pots and pans while you cook on the stove top. When the water spills, it instantly evaporates on the hot burners. The water then leaves behind an unsightly st... Read More »

I burned my hand with hot water and I had this big blister and the skin came off, now what should I do?

Since you have had a blister and it has burst you need medical attention due to the fact that you hand has swollen up its sounds like you might have an infection which you may very well need antibo... Read More »