Have you ever broken any bones?

Answer i also broke my arm snowboarding. hahawell i accidently got in this guys way (skiier) and he pushed me and i fell down this HUGE hill and broke my arm. i had a splint for 1 week and a cast for 3. i... Read More »

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What bones have you broken?

I had 23 breaks all down my left side when my pal pulled out in front of another car, i was the pasenger and it hit us on my side so hard it ripped my seat from the mountings.I climbed out of the c... Read More »

How many broken bones have you had?

Nose 7 times, eye socket, jaw, all fingers, most of my ribs, 3 toes, left leg twice.

How many bones have u broken in ur body?

wrist, fingers, toe.haha i play softball too, and in our championship game a few days ago (which we won, #1 in the league!!) i was pitching and the batter hit a line drive wicked hard straight to m... Read More »

Can broken bones heal themselves?

That's what they do inside a plaster cast, isn't it?