Have you ever broken a bone in your body?

Answer I cracked a rib from working out too hard; (stress fracture) that's about it. I always try to be real careful.

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After a broken bone heals will the bone always have a weak spot?

people say that they grow back stronger but i have broken my wrist 3 times in 7 years, the 1st time, a clean snap but the other 2 were from simple falling over in netball and tennis and was just a ... Read More »

Broken bone or I'm I losing nutrients to keep my bone stable?

Go to er...and tell them u need help and when they tell u to pay tell them u need payment plan. Thy wont force u to pay right then. This is hard on everyone right now. Im sorry ur hurt. Just walk i... Read More »

Is it possible to break a bone and not even KNOW you have a broken bone?

yes i work in an ER and we actually had a pt that came in today said she had fallen on concrete about 2 weeks ago ....her friend was actually brought up here in an ambulance and she just figured th... Read More »

Have you ever broken a bone?

Yes i have. three of them. When i was around 3 years old i was playing on my moms water bed (shows that i am child of the 80s). I fell off and broke my elbow. Than when i was 18 i was hit while dri... Read More »