Have you ever bought a broccoli and then found a worm?

Answer of course.When growing broccoli, those little green worms LOVE to hang out in the garden with the broccoli.ANYTHING that grows in the soil outdoors could potentially have insects on it.Thats why pe... Read More »

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Ladies, have you ever walked allot and then stopped to rest and then all of a sudden?

It happens to me when I ride my motorcycle to long:)But I have a verchina, not balls!

Have you ever eaten or would Chicken and Broccoli pie?

Yes I have and I like it..What time should I call over at? ;)

Yummiest broccoli soup recipe you have ever made Thank you?

I have made many different kinds of broccoli soup. Are you looking for a regular soup (broth) style soup or a creamy soup? Do you want it to be vegetarian or not? Once you know those things, you sh... Read More »

Have you ever bought an album for ?

yes nightwish i heard one song and fell in love now i have all their albums and think they rule