Have you ever bought a broccoli and then found a worm?

Answer of course.When growing broccoli, those little green worms LOVE to hang out in the garden with the broccoli.ANYTHING that grows in the soil outdoors could potentially have insects on it.Thats why pe... Read More »

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I just found a large worm in my kitchen sink!?

scrub it out with bleach and pay attention too food areas. close attention if your in a very warm climate.

Does anyone know if a small worm found in my coffee maker is parasitic!?

Most common in-house white, slightly larger than a grain of rice, is a maggot- worm stage of the common house fly. Icky, yes, but it won't take up residency in your gut.

Found nasty brown worm/grub on kitchen counter?

impossible to know what you could be seeing without a picture...if it was skinny it probably was a caterpillar of some sort that found it's way inside, probably be a one time issue...if it was sort... Read More »

I bought ed hardy shoes but found out that they were for men?

If you like em why would you care whst other ppl think...