Have you ever been to a slaughter house?

Answer OMG no..... I could not... I am so sensitive to violence I am afraid what it would do to me psychologically. Not to worry though, I have seen WAY too much already and I will be vegan for life.

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In what way is the killing of an animal in a slaughter house cruel?

When you see someone post "check PETA" and then follow it up with "see how KFC tortures chickens before killing them" you know there are a lot of ignorant people out there who do not know what they... Read More »

Looking to buy a cow, does another have a contact for one in the chicagoland/slaughter house in Kankakee?

The website below lists farmers that raise animals and sell them to consumers. Or you could attend an auction at the Kankakee slaughterhouse, and contract with a farmer.

Would non-veg eaters change to vegetarianism on visiting a slaughter house.....?

Yep, if they were very young. I'm a very recent convert - forgive my past sins, I get the point now.They need to be taken through at a very 5 or 6 year old, and at the end of it have a petting farm... Read More »

Does karin Slaughter have any family members from Talladega name Slaughter?