Have you ever been to CiCi's pizza buffet?

Answer Take my word, if you're a fan of Alfredo sauce - you MUST try their Spinach Alfredo pizza - it is divine! You will go up for seconds, thirds, fourths ...etc,...*You are allowed to order an entire ... Read More »

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from what i just read you have to have a card to put the code on but when you go to get the card they will tell you they don't have any.Is it for a free drink?I quit Cici's cause it was filthy

Is Godfather's Pizza buffet good How does it compare to Cici's buffet?

Well, it couldn't possibly be worse.Could it?

Have you ever abused your privileges at a buffet?

That's blatantly wrong, if it's an all you can eat buffet there's no possible freaking way you can abuse it unless you're wheeling the kiosks home with you.

Have you ever or do you make your own pizza?

We make our own pizza all the time now. It's more affordable and fun. And it is made with love! You're absolutely right. We buy a crust like Boboli and then just pile it high with what we want on i... Read More »