Have you ever been kicked in the testicles so hard, you've started crying?

Answer I vividly remember in PE when I was about 14 we played indoor cricket. Took a tennis ball to the man regions and I was wailing like a little girl. Damn that was like having a Vietnam flashback...

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What could cause your 11-month-old son to have red testicles and to have started breaking out in hives with no fevers since you moved to Florida?

Answer Take him to a pediatrician.they say that maybe something is blooming or growing that is unknown in the state of florida.

Your child is 8 and has just started crying when you leave the house?

Take these cries seriously. Be very aware of who you are leaving your child with and the relationship she has with that person. It may be that she just misses you because you are away more than usu... Read More »

If a girl got kicked hard in the crotch, how long would it take for her to recover?

Not cool; find another form of entertainment; Obviously the harder one is hit the more damage; and it could be permanent;Do you jump out of tall buildings too, to see who breaks the most bones?

I just hit my eye really hard and then my nose started to bleed?