Have you ever been in a really bad accident?

Answer There have been SO MANY accidents in my life I sometimes wonder 'why' I'm still here...and most of the accidents were extreme and potentially fatal. Many of my relatives say it is only because God... Read More »

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Have you ever been scared to drive after an accident?

Honey, just today I went to pick my kitten up from the vet. She has been at their hospital for over a week. Anyway, on the way home, traffic STOPPED. I have good reflexes and am VERY careful on hig... Read More »

Have you ever had a really stupid accident that you could have avoided by using a little common sense?

As a habit I automatically lock the front door when ever I leave the house. Well I had a brain laps and locked the bathroom door when I was done doing my business. I had to take the door knob apart... Read More »

Have you ever been in an accident involving road rage please explain!!?

Yes, I parked in front of the post office, and suddenly I saw this huge red truck backing towards me, in reverse, really fast - Apparently right before I pulled into the spot, a man had pulled up r... Read More »

Teens: Have you ever been really inspired by somebody here or gotten a answer that REALLY helped you?

I've been genuinely touched by the thoughtfulness of so many of my contacts, and am inspired by their creativity, cleverness, knowledge, kindness and wisdom. There have been many times when I've be... Read More »