Have you ever been hypnotized?

Answer I am a hypnotherapist. I have used self-hypnosis and I have been hypnotized by colleagues many times. The simplest description of hypnosis is that it is a state of deep relaxation. In this state, y... Read More »

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How to Tell If Someone Can Be Hypnotized?

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How Do People Get Hypnotized?

Although there are skeptics of hypnosis, it is recognized by scientists and experts as a real psychological state. According to a study by researchers at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, br... Read More »

Can I be hypnotized to lose weight?

On One Hand: Many People Show Positive ResultsWhen used in tandem with other behavior modification practices (such as working with a therapist or trainer to understand why overeating occurs), hypno... Read More »

How to Read a Book Without Getting Hypnotized?

Do you ever read a long book and seem hypnotized while reading? Are you spending hours on end reading not realizing how long you have been reading? This article will help keep that from happening!