Have you ever been almost killed by a doctor?

Answer Most of my health issues were caused by the medical industry.

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Have you ever been murdered or killed in any terrible way When?

Have you ever been told by a Doctor ...?

No I have not told this but I was told by my oncologist to quit smoking or they would not doreconstructive surgery due to danger to the capillaries.If I would have lied to them & continued to smoke... Read More »

Has the doctor ever been in love with his companion in Doctor Who?

The Doctor loves all of his companions. You can argue either way if he's been 'in love with' any of his companions. Two and Jamie were very close, as were Three and Jo, Four and Sarah Jane, Five an... Read More »

Iam 34 weeks and 4days pregnant and have been feeling lower back pain off and on almost all day Im not sure if you have dialated yet or not your Dr hasnt checked you yet and you have been told the bab?

Answer Back pain my be a sign of early labour but if your abdomen is not going tight I doubt if that is the case. If your abdomen is going hard I suggest you see your maternity carer.At this stage... Read More »