Have you ever been affected by cancer?

Answer Yes. My son was diagnosed at 17 with a rare and aggressive form of sarcoma called dsrct. He survived three excellent years but passed away when we ran out of treatment options around the first of t... Read More »

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What is affected in your life because of cancer?

Everything. I cant legally marry my spouse because his insurance will not cover anything to do with my cancer treatment, and he makes too much money for my public insurance.I am stuck living on 80... Read More »

If i help cancer patients will i get affected?

What organs are affected by lung cancer?

I think I know what you are asking here - where do most lung cancers tend to spread or "metastasize?"Both non-small cell and small cell cancer of the lung commonly spread to lymph nodes in the midd... Read More »

Who is affected more by lung cancer: men or women?

Men are more likely than women to be diagnosed with lung cancer. They are also more likely to die from the disease. However, the disparity between the genders is starting to shrink. It should also ... Read More »