Have you ever been Googlewhacked?

Answer Yes, once or twice legitimately, and about 5 by accidentally spelling it wrong.

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If you had been born now, what would your name have been Would you ever use it?

Mine would be Mia! Not bad, but I wouldn't use it...I'm not a fan of Top 10 names which mine was no. 10 the year I was born and I absolutely would not use any of the names on the top 10 list when n... Read More »

Have you ever been in so much pain you have cried?

Have you ever been in the bath with your child and they have, ahem, done their business?

Yes, but I didn't mind a bit. My son is so precious; I even adore his excrement! See?…

Have you ever been in a car crash?

yeh, my cousin died.. I'd rather not go into it too much