Have you ever attended a rainbow gathering What was your experience like?

Answer The most loving, beautiful people you'll ever meet. Just *total* acceptance. Everybody pitches in and works together to do what needs to be done. Have you read up about it online? This would be ... Read More »

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What Is an Annual Rainbow Gathering?

Each summer, the "Rainbow Tribe," also self-identified as the "Rainbow Family of Living Light," gathers in a United States National Forest to preach and practice its stated ideals of love, peace, e... Read More »

What college was attended by the most presidents,& how many of them attended it?

Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has been attended by more U.S. presidents than any other college. Eight presidents have attended Harvard, including recent Presidents George W. Bush ... Read More »

What to put for work experience on an application for a restaurant when you have no experience in that area?

How do I determine a male rainbow lorikeet from a female rainbow lorikeet?

Sexing by SightRainbow lorikeets are not sexually dimorphic, which means there is no visual difference between males and females. While you can observe your bird for hormonal behaviors that may hin... Read More »