Have you ever ate Goji Berries... did you like it?

Answer There like eating a very dry raisin soaked in cranberry juice with a squeeze of lemon, I buy them here in Toronto ON Canada, I get mine in the Asian stores as there 50% cheaper, there also known as... Read More »

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How do i dry goji berries?

Washing BerriesBuy or pick ripe goji berries without bruises or mold. Purchase ascorbic acid and a cheesecloth. Rinse the goji berries with natural spring water to rid the berries of insects, chemi... Read More »

How do I eat goji berries?

TeaBoil 5 to 15g of dried goji berries to make tea. According to the University of Michigan Health System, this is how goji berries were often used in traditional Chinese medicine.BerriesEat whole ... Read More »

How do I grow Goji berries?

Where to PlantPlant a mature Goji berry plant (also known as wolfberry) or cutting in an area with full sun in a warm, dry climate (USDA zones 5 through 10) and in sandy, well-drained soil. Make s... Read More »

How do I harvest goji berries?

Preparing for HarvestingStart watching your goji berry plants when they are about 2 years old, to see what time of year the fruit begins to grow, and be prepared to harvest these first fruit growth... Read More »