Have you ever almost died?

Answer Listen, we ALL have down days, but a couple of months (sometimes even just a few hours) later and things have changed.I know of two people who have died and returned. They both said something simil... Read More »

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Have you ever been almost killed by a doctor?

Most of my health issues were caused by the medical industry.

Have you ever had a computer issue that took almost 24 hours to resolve?

No, but my net was disconnected for 3 days, i was literally climbing the walls...lolI think a lot more people would get divorced if it only took 24

Have any adopted adult children ever discovered that, once your adoptive parents died, formerly loving?

Interesting question.My extended adoptive family, all except for one aunt and uncle (well, they were actually my adad's cousins but we always thought of them as more of aunt and uncle), never reall... Read More »

Have y'all ever fallen asleep or almost fallen asleep while watching your young children?

Wow, quite frequently! I feel so horrible when I do it. It's just complete and utter exhaustion!