Have you enough booze in the house to have a party?

Answer Yes I live in a pub!!

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I have booze at my apt, at work (both), in my truck, at my mom's house, and in my pocket; am I an alcoholic?

If you want to have sex where can you find a girl and how can you sneak into a store to purchase condoms without your parent's knowledge and get your parents out of the house long enough to have it?

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I want2 have anew years eve party at my house but i dont trust any of my friends to be in my house what to do?

My husband said you need to get some new friends.If you don't trust them they don't need to be around you..Go out by yourself on New Years eve and find you some new friends...

How to Have a Good House Party?

That the success of any party brings joy to the host is obvious. Perhaps to ensure that a house party becomes a success, the following things – among others – must be observed, during the prior... Read More »