Have you done at least six hits of LSD throughout your life?

Answer Nope, just two. Apparently the law states that you can be declared legally insane (or at the least, legally incompetent) if you do 3. Guess I'll just have to get my affairs in order before I do the... Read More »

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What injuries have you suffered throughout your whole life?

21 year old female:Broke my ankle running. Broke my other ankle dancing. Broke my neck when I fainted watching someone else get a cast put on her leg. Broke four ribs snowboarding. Broke three ... Read More »

Does the eye stay the same size throughout your life?

A babies eyes are usually about 65 to 75 percent of their eventual adult size. The do not grow much. that IS why babies are so cute becuae their eyes are proportionately bigget than the rest of the... Read More »

C'mon admit it, you had a mullet at least once in your life!?

Well, I shaved my head once, and sold my hair to a porcelain doll maker in Carmel Ca. I used to work in an expensive toy store there, and the maker would always tell me that she wished her dolls h... Read More »

What brand of speakers have the longest life or best quality (least likely to fail)?

Bose speakers are the speakers most likely to have the shortest life of any speaker at any price.This is because Bose uses the cheapest lowest quality components in their products to maximize their... Read More »