Have you done at least six hits of LSD throughout your life?

Answer Nope, just two. Apparently the law states that you can be declared legally insane (or at the least, legally incompetent) if you do 3. Guess I'll just have to get my affairs in order before I do the... Read More »

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Poll: when someone hits like on certain persons facebook status everytime do you think they need to get a life?

YES there's this girl in my school that likes EVERYTHING she sees on facebook, from inside joke wall posts to profile pictures. Like, we appreciate the likes, but it gets annoying

Hey please get my hits up lol?

What to do after a earthquake hits?

listen to your radio for information and stay hided under a desk or a cupboard

What can you do if someone without any insurance hits your car?

Answerif they are dumb enough to tell you their real name sue sue sue sue sue sue